Covid-19 Impact on Construction Industry

Ethiopian association of Civil engineers invites you to a Webinar on Covid-19 impact on construction industry: Challenges and possible opportunities

Registration will be open soon.

As the number of corona virus cases continues to rise in the world, and the effects of the virus both domestically and internationally increase. There is no question that all participants in the construction industry have experienced, and will continue to experience, impacts on their operations because of COVID-19. These impacts include, among others, schedule delays, workforce disruptions, equipment and supply chain disruptions, reduced productivity due to on site health and safety measures (e.g., social distancing, staggering of work, enhanced sanitary measures, etc.), additional costs, and financing restrictions or cash flow shortages. These circumstances may trigger requirements under construction contracts to provide delay notices, enforce force majeure clauses or in some cases claim that the contact has been frustrated. Some say COVID 19 have also created an opportunity by change the way we do or execute works.

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